Active Projects

Find out how Academy members collaborate with each other and engage students. 

Experiential STEM Education in K-12 Schools

Lend your expertise to strengthen and grow Cal science and engineering outreach in local K-12 schools. Bay Area Scientists in Schools (BASIS) is a graduate student program run in collaboration with nonprofit Community Resources for Science (CRS). The Academy partners with BASIS and CRS to provide exiting volunteer opportunities for emeriti. 

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Choosing a Major: How Faculty Did It.

How can we support Berkeley undergraduate students in determining their major or their future career path? Find out about an innovative idea to address this important challenge.

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COVID-19, Vaccine Hesitancy, and the Public's Health

John Swartzberg, Public Health Clinical Professor Emeritus and a globally respected authority on infectious diseases and vaccinology, partners with Sam Davis, Professor Emeritus, Architecture, and former Interim Dean of the School of Social Welfare, on a highly popular seminar on COVID-19 and Vaccine Hesitancy.