Academy Events

Fall 2023 Academy Events

Demystifying Office Hours Panels

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Support Students Demystifying Cal

Each semester the Academy together with partner organizations hosts demystifying office hours panels for undergraduate students designed to lower the barriers and increase students' confidence to attend office hours with faculty. 

After each panel-event, student participants have the opportunity to request a one time, 1:1 coaching meeting with an emeritus/a coach. 

To find out about the schedule and to volunteer as a coach, please click on this link

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Faculty Thriving in Retirement

Monday, November 6, 2023, 1:30pm to 3pm (online via Zoom)

A Conversation about Life in Retirement Beyond Financial and Health Care Planning

This workshop invites faculty contemplating retirement as well as recently retired emeriti to explore life in retirement, how to stay connected with colleagues and campus, and how to include loved ones in the transition. 

Three retired faculty members and two couples with one partner being a Berkeley emeritus/a will share their experience.  To learn more about the event and to register, please visit the event-webpage

Get To Know The Villages

Monday, September 11, 2023 12pm - 1:30pm (via Zoom)

Hear from Members about the benefits of the Villages

A panel presentation to learn more about the Village Movement for all UCB retirees. A village is a membership organization that connects older adults to the community, programming, and expertise they need to continue living lives of purpose and promise.  These innovative, community-based solutions improve quality of life and expand choices at all stages of aging, empowering older adults to sustain independence and remain in charge of their lives as they age.

Villages are founded by members of the community, and each village develops an organizational structure and offerings based on the needs of that community. For some villages, this means providing a full suite of events and services through staff or volunteers, while others may provide mostly referrals. Every village recognizes the power of personal connection in helping members remain active and engaged.

To learn more about the participating panelists and to register via Zoom, visit the events-page

2022-23 Academy Events 

Emeriti as Mentors Poster Session

The poster session showcases the interdisciplinary collaboration between emeriti mentors and their undergraduate mentees from URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program) projects and seminars hosted by the School of Public Health. At the event students will present and answer questions about their recently completed collaborative research projects. 

Please visit the events-page for pictures from the event. 

Public Discussion Panel

Conceived and developed by a group of Academy members from different academic disciplines, the public discussion panel featured 4 experts to provide insights into navigating the challenges of aging. 

Visit the events-page to watch the recording and browse the resources provided by the panelists. 

Hear from a Leading Expert about the Latest COVID-19 Updates

In early Fall 2022, John Swartzberg, Clinical Professor Emeritus, Public Health, was interviewed by Ken Polse, Professor Emeritus, Vision Science, about the latest COVID-19 updates and how retirees can protect themselves and their families as we transition to the Fall-season. 

Please go to the events-page to listen to the event-recording.