Become a Professor of the Academy

Any member of the Academy may choose to become a Professor of the Academy.  This status provides additional benefits, and requires collaborative work.  Collaborations should involve interdisciplinary: research, study panels, public events, co-teaching or co-mentoring, or other forms of engagement.  

There are two ways to receive the designation Professor of the Academy (both require work on a project supported by the Academy). In the first, an Academy member submits, and receives support for, a project proposal; in the second, a member joins an active project that accepts additional participants.

A member who has an interdisciplinary project in mind, and wants Academy support, is asked to complete the following: 

  • Find one or more UCB Emeriti collaborators in a different academic discipline. 
  • Submit a project proposal (visit Project Proposal for more information). 
  • Receive support from the Emeriti Academy Proposal Review and Facilitation Committee.

Benefits for Professors of the Academy:

  • Administrative and marketing support for projects and activities approved by the Academy. 
  • Recognition and promotion of projects on the Emeriti Academy website and at an annual event. 
  • The Honorary title "Professor of the Academy," a three-year, renewable appointment.

Support for Professors of the Academy: 

  • Schedule and facilitate face-to-face and online meetings and events. 
  • Advise during preparation for application to URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program) and Freshman & Sophomore Seminars. 
  • Promote projects and activities across campus and the larger community. 
  • Facilitate co-teaching and co-mentoring by scheduling and posting courses (visit  Co-teaching and Co-mentoring for more details). 

Short Video Summary of How to Become a Professor of the Academy: 

Emeriti Academy Member Kenneth A. Polse on Collaborating Across Disciplines

"There have been many positive experiences working in the Emeriti Academy. Among the many particularly rewarding experiences, one has been the opportunity to meet and work with colleagues from other disciplines. Professor Phil Cowan, Psychology,  and I met through the Academy and worked together to offer a Sophomore seminar on Health Care Policy and also mentor two URAP students in a project Health Care and the 2020 election. These two collaborative projects has not only led to a friendship with Phil, but also has resulted in providing a unique teaching and mentorship experience that I believe was very much appreciated by our students. At this stage in my retirement, I would not have expected to develop new collaborative endeavors with colleagues who I did not know, however the Emeriti Academy has proved an effective conduit for collaborative teaching, mentoring as well as developing new friendships. After
working together virtually for almost a year, I think that both Phil and I are looking forward to getting together for some social events, as soon as it is safe to do."

~ Kenneth A. Polse, Professor Emeritus, Optometry and Vision Science