Co-teaching & Co-mentoring

Support for Co-teaching and Co-mentoring

Professors of the Academy interested in co-teaching and co-mentoring can choose between several options and receive Academy support for each. 

Professor with student

Testimonials from Students about their Emeriti/ae Mentors: 

“Emeriti have great overall insight and experience [that is] invaluable to guiding others.”

“We are grateful to our emeriti mentors, for their extensive knowledge and invaluable guidance. Their mentorship made our [URAP] project possible. Due to them being retired, we could contact them a lot more with our questions and received a lot of focused attention.”



For Professors of the Academy who plan to co-teach a course with a colleague from another discipline:

  • The Academy has a COCI-approved course number (LS 198) ready to use.

  • Professors of the Academy can also co-teach through the Freshman & Sophomore Seminars.

  • Contact the Academy for more information including academic deadlines for Fall- and Spring-semesters. 

Professors of the Academy who are interested to co-mentor undergraduates through a research project: 

  • Consider participation in the URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program).
  • Contact the Academy: The Academy will provide an overview of the process and connect interested members with the URAP coordinator including deadlines for Fall- and Spring-semesters.