Project Proposal

All members are invited to propose collaborative projects to the Academy for support through the processes described below.  

Project requirements

The Academy strives to provide staff support and resources for as many projects aligned with the goals of the Academy as possible, pending available resources. There are many needs, challenges, and ideas that Emeriti might propose to address stemming from their extensive knowledge and experience. 

Submitting a project for consideration is straightforward. There are only two requirements for consideration of Academy support: 

  • Find a collaborator: A project or activity needs to be collaborative, and include at least 2 UCB Emeriti from different academic disciplines. 

  • Submit a proposal:  Complete the Academy’s two-page proposal submission form

The Emeriti Academy Proposal Review and Facilitation Committee will review each submitted proposal. Proposals that meet the criteria set forth will receive support, pending availability of staff time and resources.

Proposal submission is always open. The Committee aims for timely review of submitted proposals; review time will vary depending on the number of proposals currently under review.  Commencement of supported projects is contingent upon available staff time, which depends upon the nature and scope of the proposed project.   

Support for developing a project

The Academy sponsors regular discussion sessions and informal meetings. These networking events provide an opportunity for members to get to know each other, share ideas and recruit others to join them for further exploration. Please visit Academy Events for more information on meeting schedules.

Academy staff is available to help members develop and submit a proposal. For example, members who have identified an idea may wish to participate in or attend one of the Academy hosted information sessions, roundtable discussions, or informal meetings to get feedback on nascent ideas.  

Please contact us with questions or suggestions.

Professor of the Academy—Receiving the Designation

Once a member has had a proposed project accepted for support, or joined an active project, they will receive a letter of acknowledgement stating that they have been appointed to Professor of the Emeriti Academy.  An appointment is valid for three years and is renewable.