Kenneth A. Polse

Job title: 
Professor Emeritus, and Professor of the Academy
Optometry and Vision Science
School of Optometry

Kenneth A. Polse is Professor of the Graduate School in the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. He is actively involved with the UC Emeriti Health Insurance Committee, serves as UCB Emeriti Association Treasurer, and member of the Retirement Center Advisory Board. He is teaching an undergraduate seminar in Health Care Policy, mentoring students as a Professor of the Academy in the UC Berkeley Emeriti Academy. Prior to retiring, Professor Polse served on the UC Berkeley School of Optometry as Faculty Member, Clinic Director, and Associate Dean. His NIH funded research focused on cornea and contact lenses, methodological and laboratory strategies for non-invasive in vivo assessment of human corneal function. Some of Dr. Polse’s honors included, UC Berkeley Sarver Endowed Chair, Member, National Advisory Eye Council (NIH); and Senior Fulbright Fellow. After retirement, Dr. Polse was elected to the UC Berkeley Optometry Hall of Fame.

Research interests: 

Phil Cowan (Psychology) and I offered a URAP project: Health Care 2020: Trump vs. Biden: What do their platforms promise?  Neither Phil or I had worked together, but we thought that both of us could contribute to the students’ experience.  Phil and I worked closely designing the project reviewing applications and accepting 2 students.   Although we had never worked together, we found the experience exciting and fun. Pooling our combined experience was helpful to the students and lead to the students writing a very informative “Voters Information Guide."  Phil and I learned to work together (neither of us had done a URAP Project) and we both enjoyed the experience. I am already looking forward to doing another collaborative project with Phil.