Past Projects

The projects and activities listed below started in Spring 2020. 

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150 Years of Women at UC Berkeley Initiative (Projects 2020 - 2021)

Explore projects emeriti/ae conducted together with undergraduate students on the significant contributions women made to UC Berkeley. The projects were offered through the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program or URAP

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Ethics, Morality & Breaking Bad

Using the popular televesion series "Breaking Bad" as an illustration, the course introduced two important theories, action oriented ethcis and consequence-based ethics allowing students to explore their own ethical thinking and decision-making.

Cover page for an article on vaccine myths

Measles, Vaccine Hesitancy and The Public’s Health.

Using the rapid increase in the global measles outbreak in 2019, this course explored a great irony: In spite of the fact that the vaccine against measles is amongst the safest and most effective of all vaccines, we are having increasing outbreaks of this disease.

Cover page of the 2020 election guide on healthcare topics

Voter Information Guide for Healthcare and the 2020 Election

Under the sponsorship of the University Research Apprentice Program (URAP), two Berkeley undergraduate students developed and wrote a voter information guide comparing then President Trump's and presidental candidate Joe Biden's positions on healthcare in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Making Hospitals "Smart"

In Spring 2021, Yehuda Kalay, Professor Emeritus, Architecture, implemented a URAP Project on using advanced sensing technologies in a hospital environment.